A Scientist Turned Artist

I have a degree in chemistry, and worked previously as a research scientist in the pharmaceutical industry. So how did Elegant Wreath begin? Growing up, my family was always gardening outdoors and that is where my love of flowers, nature and plants began. As a child I also loved crafts, creating and working with my hands. As an adult, I began creating wreaths as gifts for family and friends.

Eight years ago, when I had two little, beautiful boys running around my house, I knew that I wanted to stay home with them as long as possible. Elegant Wreath was created shortly after and has flourished ever since.

I started my business creating preserved dried salal and eucalyptus dried floral wreaths which requires special equipment. With self-taught trial and error, I was able to master that technique which I still use to make all my eucalyptus, preserved salal and fresh evergreen wreaths. After a year, I wanted to broaden my wreath designs and use my fresh floral design experience as well so I began creating silk designs and artificial decor. Now my studio is filled with all sorts of beautiful materials! I really consider myself a traditional wreath maker (there aren't many of us around anymore), because I specialize in all forms of wreath design: dried, silk and fresh floral.

Now the process... My design studio is where all the magic happens. :-) Every day, I go to my studio with my coffee, turn on my music, and literally get lost in my creations. Each wreath takes time (as I am a perfectionist), knowledge of specific materials and how they should be manipulated to create that special custom wreath. I work long hours daily, usually 6 days a week creating and running my business, but I LOVE what I do, and although during busy times wish that I had a "clone", I firmly believe that I should create all my wreaths from start to finish.

I am so blessed to be able to design elegant wreaths, own my own business, and be able to be home with my family as well. I am honored that customers display my creations in their homes and give them as gifts to special people in their lives. I always remind myself of this with every wreath that I create. I live by my business motto that "no wreath leaves my home that I would not be proud to display on my own front door"! Thank you for viewing my shop and I look forward to creating a special wreath for you!

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